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Hiring Unnamed Films was the best investment I could've made on my wedding day.

-Taylor C.

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Not to brag, but we may offer the best free stuff out of any videographer in West Michigan.

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Two Videographers
You'll get full coverage of both parties preparation, and multiple camera angles of the reception and ceremony.
Extra Long Coverage
We're here to capture the feeling and atmosphere of your whole day, and you shouldn't have to pay extra to get everything. Which is why all of our packages include either 8 hours or a full day* of shooting.
*Full day is up to 11 hours. If your first dances end at 9PM, we will arrive to your prep at 10.
Digital Downloads
All of your videos are posted to Vimeo for streaming, and you will be provided with a link to download them. You'll be able to download the videos and post them to your own social media, if you wish to do so.
DVD or Blu Ray
Ask us how you can get up to five for free!

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